David Rothkopf claims “Biden’s Done More Good in a Week Than Donald Trump Did in Four Years”

In a recent Op-Ed for the Daily Beast, David Rothkopf claims “Biden’s Done More Good in a Week Than Donald Trump Did in Four Years”

Rothkopf makes his claim then explains “I say that only because the last president, who shall remain nameless, repeatedly told us that he was the greatest president in American history. And Joe Biden is clearly better than he was.”

He continues”In fact, looking at the 30 executive orders produced by Biden, his vaccine plan, his restoration of normalcy to foreign policy, the efficiency and effectiveness of his administration to date, the diversity of his team, the transparency he has restored to the White House, the importance of some programs to which he has committed—from raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour to protecting our natural resources from commercial exploitation and systematically working to root out racially-driven inequity from our system—an objective observer would have to say that the Biden-Harris administration has done more good for the country in a week than the previous one had done in four years.”

“OK, I admit it.,” Rothkopf adds “that’s easy to say since most of what the prior administration did was, in fact, bad for the country. Simply undoing their legacy will save lives, reduce economic inequality, revitalize the economy, protect the environment, and restore American leadership.”

Rothkopf also recently took to Twitter to write:

The reality: Biden has gotten of to a progressive start. He is representing the entire Democratic Party and on issue after issue, both the beliefs and interests of a substantial majority of Americans as well. It’s early days…but very encouraging.

It’s not just that Biden or the Democratic Party has moved left. It’s that the center in American politics has moved left. On issues from healthcare for all to gun control, fighting climate change to higher taxes for the rich, big majorities of Americans agree.