David Hogg says he still wears a mask outside after being vaccinated so people won’t mistake him for being conservative

Friday, Anti-gun activist David Hogg explained why he still wears a mask outside after being vaccinated in a series of tweets.

Hogg wrote:

I feel the need to continue wearing my mask outside even though I’m fully vaccinated because the inconvenience of having to wear a mask is more than worth it to have people not think I’m a conservative.

I feel like this is something you can especially understand if you’re in a very liberal area where 99% of the people you see are wearing masks.

I can’t believe we have elected officials that see a mass shooting basically every day at this point and think to themselves

You know what needs to be protected? Not the kids being shot- Mass shooters “right” to get an AR-15

Hogg added in a separate tweet:

Getting the vaccinated is immensely personally beneficial.

I’m going on a five hour flight tomorrow and have basically zero anxiety about getting Covid and hanging out with vaccinated friends is great too.

Get your shot, even just the reduction in anxiety makes it worth it.