David Hogg Calls For Rep. Greene to apologize to families with a “permanently empty bedroom”

Appearing on CNN, gun control activist David Hogg called for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to apologize to families of mass shooting victims who have a “permanently empty bedroom.”

CNN host Camerota asked about Green saying she said she knew “the fear” that  Hogg felt during his school shooting as she described she experienced gun violence herself  when she was in school

“The ultimate thing is, I don’t really care,” Hogg replied.

“The thing I care most about in this situation isn’t so much myself, but it’s the real people that she offended, which are the families in Parkland, and Las Vegas, and Sandy Hook that have a permanently empty bedroom, that have a permanently empty place at the dinner table. They are the people that are the real victims here that deserve the apology. Not me,” he added.