David Hogg blasted by conservatives after quitting progressive pillow company he co-founded after only 2 months

In a series of tweets, anti-gun activist David Hogg recently announced he was leaving the progressive pillow company he co-founded that was meant to compete with Mike Lindell, the founder of “Mypillow.”

Hogg explained “we were met with immediate and overwhelming support. But I soon realized that given my activism, schoolwork, and family commitments, I could not give 100% to being a full time co-founder at Good Pillow.”

“After many discussions with William and my friends, family and mentors, I made the good faith decision to allow William to bring our vision to life without me,” he added in subsequent tweet.

Here is some of the feedback on Facebook from our report:

“Wow I guess he doesn’t know that success doesn’t happen in a week. It’s called hard work and it takes sometimes years”

“OOPS!!! Not enough backbone to endure the hard times/parts to be a success ??? Expected everyone to fawn all over him and not have to put in his own effort???”

“I guess Mr. Hogg expected everyone to dislike Mike so much that he could make millions off of their hate. Guess there are a lot of people who are learning that doing something based on hate never helps you. Instead it always hurts you.”

In February, Hogg had announced he will launch a pillow company to compete with MyPillow.

Hogg tweeted:

Mike the “my pillow guy” is commenting on his soon too be progressive competition in the form of a progressive pillow company @williamlegate
and I are starting.

This pillow fight just got very real @williamlegate

Hogg also boasted “I can’t wait for Ben Shapiro to do a 1 hour video DESTROYING our liberal pillow not realizing he’s giving us free advertising.”

Stephen Miller wrote after Hogg’s announcement he’s leaving “Your wait is probably over.”

Another Twitter user replied to Hogg “This didn’t age well”