Dave Rubin on Biden’s take on Antifa “An idea doesn’t assault people on the street”

Appearing on Fox and Friends Thursday, Dave Rubin blasted Biden’s claim that Antifa is just “an idea not an organization.”

“An idea doesn’t burn down buildings. An idea doesn’t throw Molotov cocktails at people. An idea doesn’t assault people on the street. People do that,” Rubin said.

“If what Joe Biden is trying to say is that they don’t have laminated business cards ready to hand out when they are doing these things, then I suppose he’s correct, but I’ve done many public-speaking events, usually about free speech and free markets, capitalism, good stuff, no bigotry, no racism or hatred involved and Antifa has shown up and violently protested, pulled fire alarms,” he added.

Rubin also made the argument “These are bad people and by design they are decentralized, so when Biden is saying they are an idea, it’s because he’s afraid that so much of his base, his radical base is actually in line with Antifa and if he says something about them, they will end up coming for him.”

Rubin explored the topic of Biden claiming Antifa is just an idea in more depth in a YouTube video on his channel.