Dana Bash Refuses to Back Down from Praise for Trump After Backlash

CNN’s Dana Bash is refusing to back down from her recent praise of President Trump which went viral.

Erick Fernandez was one of the many anti-Trump critics who took issue with Bash’s comment.

Fernandez wrote to Bash on twitter:

I am going to lose my mind. Just this morning he was attacking state governors on Twitter. What on earth is wrong with you, @DanaBashCNN?

I feel like I’m in the twilight zone and he’s getting celebrated for not doing his usual mudslinging. But he’s still doing it on Twitter!

Here is the clip of @DanaBashCNN praising Trump because he’s now screaming at reporters and going on absolute tantrums like he normally does. I feel like I’m living on another planet.

Bash responded:

As I said in the clip you posted below, this is a moment to be non-partisan, American and human – & the TONE the president set at today & yesterday’s PRESSERS were remarkably different and welcomed. That’s a fact. Let’s all take a breath and remember we are all in this together.

Per TCO, while discussing Trump’s coronavirus response, Bash said “He is being the kind of leader…that people need and want and yearn for in times of crisis and uncertainty.”


One Twitter user wrote “I can’t believe what I just saw”

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