Cuomo’s first accuser releases new disturbing details, says Cuomo told her he’d “mount” her if he was a dog

In a new interview with “The New Yorker” Cuomo’s first sexual harassment accuser Lindsey Boylan presents new disturbing details of her encounters with the embattled NY Governor.

At least 7 women have now accused Cuomo of sexual harassment, including several who were former aides.

“He would put his hand on my lower back,” Boylan said, comparing her experience to another accuser, Anna Ruch, who told the Times that the Governor touched her lower back and asked to kiss her at a wedding reception. “He would find a way to, like, touch me in passing—getting on the plane, getting off the plane,” Boylan added. “He frequently stared at my legs.”

According to Boylan, in 2018, Gov. Cuomo’s dog Captain jumped up near her and Cuomo told her if he were a dog he would ‘mount’ her too.

Boylan said she once considered Hillary Clinton her political hero, but blasted her for not calling for Cuomo to resign, saying “there’s no way you don’t know who this man is if you’ve worked with, or around, him for decades.”

Boylan said Cuomo also frequently took out his frustration at the press.

“I remember being in the car after one of our trips with the Governor and Melissa. And he is obliterating someone on the phone. He’s obliterating him,” she said. “I’m just assuming it’s one of our staffers. And it was this famous reporter.” She continued. “His main source of power is destroying you in the press.”

“Look what he did to me,” she added.