Cuomo tells “The View” he’s holding Trump responsible for every pandemic “death in this country”

Appearing on “The View” NY Governor Cuomo said he’s holding Trump accountable for every COVID-19 death in this country.

Cuomo himself has faced criticism over how he handled the pandemic response at nursing homes.

Whoppi Goldberg asked Cuomo “Coronavirus is now the third leading cause of death in America, and you say, and rightfully so I think, but I’m going to ask you, you’re holding you-know-who responsible for every death in New York from COVID. I’m going to say to you. Why?”

“I’m holding you-know-who responsible for every death in this country,” Cuomo replied “First, Whoopi, because he lied about it. He lied about it from day one. They had that memo in January from a person named Peter Navarro saying millions are going to die. They lied about it, and they knew that millions were going to get infected and that hundreds of thousands were going to die. That’s the first reason. The Old Book says, don’t lie, right?”