Cuomo Claims Trump Sleeps Well Because He “Doesn’t Care” About People Dying

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is apparently not letting his “Fredo” fiasco slow down his below the belt insults against President Trump and his allies.

Without any evidence, Cuomo claimed President Trump sleeps well because he doesn’t care about America’s problems, people dying, mass shootings, or dead soldiers.

MRC reports in arguably one of Fredo’s sleaziest diatribes, Prime Time host Chris Cuomo closed out his Tuesday kangaroo court with a “Closing Argument” insisting that President Trump was a poor leader because he didn’t lose sleep. According to Cuomo, not only was Trump a poor leader but he also “doesn’t care” about dead soldiers, America’s problems, or the deaths of shooting victims.

Following a previous segment pointing out lies Trump had told, Cuomo suddenly found that “the President told us a very important truth today.” The truth was that he didn’t lose sleep. “Well, nothing keeps me up at night,” Trump said to a question about China’s military power in the region.

The President wears the tough guy persona and is known as a “counter-puncher,” so an answer like that was par for the course. But to Cuomo, that answer meant something insidious.

“Military and political leaders have written many a tome about coping with the obvious and extant pressures that inhabit if not haunt nightly slumber for a leader, because a leader feels the pain of those they lead, it is a burden they shoulder,” Cuomo opined. He eventually suggested Trump thought of himself as a “king,” just without the weighted burdens of the crown, like Shakespeare’s Henry IV.


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