Cuomo claims those speaking out against him “just want attention” and are “jealous”

Monday, embattled NY Governor Andrew Cuomo claimed those speaking out against him “just want attention” and are “jealous.”

Cuomo was responding to a NY Times Magazine story that alleged he referred to those of Jewish descent as “these people and their f–king treehouses” and also told a male official, “you’d be a good-looking tranny if you get a good set of tits.”

New York Post reporter Bernadettte Hogan asked Cuomo “Governor, The New York Times put out a story a couple of weeks ago, where they interviewed 80 people either close to you or had worked with you, and they detailed accounts that you had said things like anti-trans slurs and also some to the effect of saying that Jews lived in F-ing tree houses. Did you say these things?”

Cuomo replied. “I never said any such things. They printed slurs and slander, and you’d have to ask them why they did that.”

“Why do people say things? Who knows. People are venial. People want attention. People are angry. People are jealous. Who knows why people spread rumors?” he asked.