Cruz introduces bill to block federal funding for “Critical Race Theory” workplace training

Thursday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a bill that would block federal funding for Critical Race Theory training.

“The federal government has no right to force a political agenda onto Americans, especially one that aims to tear down our institutions and divide us based on race,” Cruz said, adding that he sees Critical Race Theory as “Marxist ideology that sees the world as a battle, not between the classes – as classical Marxism does – but between the races.”

“President Biden’s decision was unsurprising but shows the Democratic Party will stop at nothing to indoctrinate Americans. I am proud to introduce this bill to block federal funding for CRT and ensure the U.S. government doesn’t contribute to this radical ideology,” he added.

During a recent appearance a the faith and family conference, Cruz railed against it.

Critical Race Theory is bigoted. It is a lie. And it is every bit as racist as a Klansmen in white sheets,” Cruz said.