Cruz calls for Biden to fire Kerry if “deeply concerning” allegations on Iran are true, calls for “serious investigation”

Appearing on the Mark Davis Show Tuesday, Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz said President Joe Biden “should fire John Kerry” if allegations that John Kerry gave sensitive information about Israel to Iran based on leaked audio reported by the NY Times are true.

Kerry has denied the reports.

Cruz said “these allegations are deeply concerning, Iran’s foreign minister on tape alleged that Kerry told him that Israel carried out over 200 military strikes on Iranian forces in Syria.”

Cruz called the alleged actions “utterly disqualifying,” continuing “if that is true, it is criminal. It is disclosing serious, sensitive, classified information about one of America’s closest allies, the nation of Israel” to a “dangerous enemy of America and enemy of Israel. The caveat, if it’s true, is important.”

“We don’t know if that is, in fact, true,”  Cruz acknowledged, adding “I think there needs to be a serious investigation.”