Crowd Roars as Trump Tells Story of Media Criticizing How He Drank Water at West Point

Moments ago, the crowd roared in approval and laughter as President Trump mocked the way the media covered him drinking water and walking down a ramp.


Pollster Frank Luntz commented on the moment, writing:

Tonight is classic Trump – this is clearly a speech for the Trump base.

He’s doing fine with his base, they’re already activated and energized… That gets him to 45%, but it doesn’t get him to 50%.

It’s very smart for Donald Trump to spend so much time explaining his walk down the West Point ramp.

He’s funny, and it shows how wrong his critics are – he is destroying the credibility of his critics.

Per GMA:

The president brought up last week’s graduation at West Point where he was filmed walking slowly down a ramp while holding the arm of a military member.

He was also filmed having trouble drinking a glass of water with one hand during the ceremony. For 20 minutes, he talked about his strength, the slippery ramp, his leather shoes and blamed the media for making him look worse.

“It turned out to be worse than anything. I would have been better off if I fell and slid down the damn ramp,” he said.

Trump said he called his wife, who he claimed told him that the media said he must have Parkinson’s disease.