Critics respond with nasty messages after Dan Crenshaw announces he’ll be “effectively blind for about a month” after surgery

Saturday, Rep. Dan Crenshaw announced he would be “effectively blind for about a month” and “off the grid” after he gets eye surgery.

While the vast majority of replies to Crenshaw were wishing him well, a number of critics could not help but use the opportunity to attack him.

This is what some of them wrote:

“I wish you better health. And I hope this unfortunate health challenge teaches you to have more empathy toward those of us struggling with health issues and lacking the best free healthcare in the world.”

There is much I want to say… Zipper-mouth face but I hear my mother’s voice saying if you don’t have anything nice to say…. I will say, I do most certainly believe in Karma

I wish you were a better person. I hope you get well soon and gain compassion for others.

“Damn your tone changed quickly when pain became personal”