Critics Mock and Attack Herman Cain after his tragic death

Moments ago, the official twitter account of Herman Cain announced his tragic death. Herman Cain was 74 and was a cancer survivor.

Immediately after the announcement of Cain’s death, Critics began attacking and in some cases mocking him.

Here are just a few:


“I guess hydroxychloroquine didn’t work. Who would have thought”

“Sad? I hope it was worth not wearing a mask.”

“You paid the price for politicizing a virus. This virus is deadly and does not care what your politics are. Please, follow humans, wear masks and stay away from others until we can get rid of the Trump Virus!”

“Sad news, but he endangered people’s lives when he attended Trump’s cult rally in Tulsa. He endangered people around him and every single Trump supporter endangered other people’s lives at that cult rally in Tulsa. I doubt it will change the brainwashed cult supporters.”

RIP Herman Cain.