Critics Fume after Rep. Greene shows off “Really Bad Mexican Accent” during speech

Critics of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene fumed after she broke out a self proclaimed “Really Bad Mexican accent” to make a point during a speech.


Here are some of the responses from critics angered.

“And her fans laugh…that’s the issue..there are plenty just like her. It’s how she got elected.”

“She’s just a full on train wreck. Does she lay awake at night thinking of the most ridiculous and offensive things she can say to get attention?”

“I honestly thought she was a stand up comedian who was bombing in front of the crowd….”

“She went to the Donald J Trump school of standup comedy.”

“Somebody forgot to tell the Republicans that rallies aren’t comedy shows, and that they aren’t funny.”

“Marjorie Taylor Greene donned an offensive and terrible Mexican accent at her America First Nazi Rally. @HerreraBeutler @RepTonyGonzales @RepMikeGarcia @RepBrianMast
you all identify as Mexican American and are members of the GOP. Are you good with this? #ExpelMTG”