Critics fume after NRA tweets Mother’s day message with mother and daughter holding guns

Critics of the NRA fumed after the NRA tweeted a Mother’s day message featuring a mother and daughter both holding guns.

“Mama didn’t raise a victim” the graphic says.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all NRA moms!” the NRA wrote. “On top of the millions of other jobs moms have, NRA moms fight for our right to self-defense, while also defending themselves, their families, and communities. We are forever grateful for these fierce women.”

Here are some of the reactions from outraged critics.

“I loathe your organization, with every fiber of my being.”

“You are a terrorist organization and using children as props.”

“1300 children die each year thanks to you.”

“This is gross.”

“Awwww someone got the Domestic Terrorism Starter Kit. Shame on you and your bloody money laundering hands.”