Critics continue to blast, mock Rush after he says his cancer is terminal

Even after announcing his cancer is terminal, many of his critics on Twitter continued to attack and even mock the iconic radio show host.

Rush gave a somber update on his cancer recently during an emotional segment of his show, saying “I hate the way I feel every day. It’s tough to realize that the days where I do not think I’m under a death sentence are over.”

The attacks began nearly immediately after.

Ricky Davila wrote “I’ll say it again, Rush Limbaugh is a sexist, misogynistic, racist, hateful, bigoted conspiracy theorist trash bin with a repugnant radio program who is by far the most undeserving Medal of Freedom recipient in US history. He gets no sympathy from me because he has cancer. Nope.

“For over a decade, Rush Limbaugh has aggressively lobbied to pull health insurance from millions of cancer patients.

Now he’s dying of cancer.

I’ll weep for all of the people who couldn’t get the care this vile pustule did.”

I want to say this before his death: Rush Limbaugh has had a horrific — truly horrific — impact on America. He is a leading member of the National Hall of Shame.”

“If Rush Limbaugh wanted the progression of his fatal disease to be met with universal declarations of sympathy and support, he shouldn’t have spent his entire adult life being a toxic asshole.”

“Rush Limbaugh’s lung cancer is terminal. He spent his entire adult life spreading misinformation, lies, and hatred.

The deaths of white supremacist terrorist leaders like Rush should be as celebrated as the deaths of terrorist leaders like Osama bin Laden.”

“Rush Limbaugh is an absolute horror of a human being and ranks among the worst people on Earth. His existence as a right wing talk radio hatemonger made America measurably worse in virtually every conceivable way and the world will be a better place without him in it.”