Critics Angry that Marsha Blackburn Read a Book During the Impeachment Trial

Senator Marsha Blackburn may have been so bored during the impeachment trial she read a book, drawing the ire of some critics.

Garrett Hawke tweeted:

When @RepJerryNadler played a clip of @LindseyGrahamSC from the Clinton impeachment, Graham wasn’t in the chamber- the only senator not in his or her seat at that moment.

Some other observations from the last half hour: @SenatorBurr has a fidget spinner, @RandPaul has quite the sketch of the Capitol going, and @MarshaBlackburn is reading a book.

Jennifer Rubin wrote:

@MarshaBlackburn might improve her understanding of the facts and law if she paid attention. This is shameful

Blackburn fired back:

First – I’m reading Resistance (At All Costs) by Kim Strassel. Read the chapter on obstruction. It provides good insights into today’s proceedings.

Second – busy mamas are the best at multi-tasking. Try it.

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