CRINGE! Watch AOC Use a Fake Urban Accent for Black Audience

Newly-elected Rep. and liberal media sensation Alexandria Ocasio-Coretz spoke at a conference comprised of mostly minorities and used what appears to be a completely fake urban accent she has never used before in any interview we have seen.

American Mirror reported that Hillary Clinton isn’t the only Democrat who can use a southern drawl with a predominately black audience.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a socialist from suburban New York who proudly embraces her Latina roots, invoked a distinct accent as she spoke to the National Action Network today.

“This is what organizing looks like,” she said, as Al Sharpton could be heard off camera saying, “That’s right.”

“What is what building power looks like,” she continued, clapping her hands together.

Watch the video:

People could not stop cringing!

Here is a longer clip.

This is the same type of ethnic pandering Hillary Clinton was infamous for.

Watch the video: