CRINGE VIDEO: Hillary Tries (Poorly) to Impersonate Trump

Despite losing the 2016 election in dramatic fashion, Hillary Clinton refuses to go away.

In an upcoming episode of a new Comedy Central show, Hillary Clinton is back, and this time she’s doing an awkward impersonation of President Trump that many are mocking.

The Week reported that Jordan Klepper is taking a break from the alt-right character he played on The Daily Show and its spinoff The Opposition for a new Comedy Central show, Klepper, and he explained the premise of the show in a new teaser featuring Hillary and Bill Clinton. The Clintons are Klepper’s “trusted advisers” on where to invest $1,000 of his own money in crowdsourcing projects.

They suggested sending Attorney General William Barr back to law school “for continuing legal education,” after his slanted previews of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report; fought with Klepper about almond “milk” versus goat’s milk; and started to lecture Klepper on the history of the saxophone (well, Bill did). And then they arrived at a crowdfunding campaign to get Hillary Clinton to read Mueller’s report, and she decided to give it a go right then and there. Klepper had notes.

Watch below to see Hillary try out her own Donald Trump impression when she reads his purported line about being “f—ed” by Mueller’s appointment, learn about the Klepper-endorsed Freedom University, and observe Bill pretending he’s heard of Venmo.

Watch the video: