Crenshaw blasts Kerry, introduces bill aiming to protect Texas oil and gas industry jobs from Biden admin

Earlier this week, Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw tweeted:

John Kerry – worth hundreds of millions – telling blue-collar workers to just “go to work to make the solar panels.”

By the way, solar will pay on average $20K less than oil and gas jobs.

John Kerry thinks you should just shutup and accept it.


Crenshaw has introduced a bill that aims to protect oil and gas industry jobs near the Gulf of Mexico from the Biden administration.

This comes after Biden signed a executive order banning banning drilling on federal lands and offshore waters.

Crenshaw said in a statement “Texas energy producers are bearing the brunt of President Biden’s foolish, job-killing executive orders in the first days of this administration.”

He added the Biden administration “is showing little regard to the livelihoods of blue-collar workers who are already struggling during this pandemic.”

“Energy production is critical for jobs, our economy, and also funds coastland conservation and hurricane preparedness. This bill will ensure that production continues despite President Biden’s terrible executive orders,” he added.