Crenshaw accuses Biden, Blinken of “refusing” to help Americans left “behind enemy lines”

In a stunning series of tweets, Rep. Dan Crenshaw accused President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken of “refusing” to help Americans left behind enemy lines.

Crenshaw wrote:

America: right now there is a private effort to get a plane of US citizens and allies out of Afghanistan. They need @SecBlinken to help get clearance to land in a nearby country.

Biden’s State Department is refusing to actively assist.

Their response: “just tell them to ask.”

There are Americans behind enemy lines and all Joe Biden and Secretary Blinken have to do is make a few phone calls.

They won’t do it. They are refusing.


He added in a follow-up tweet “Even worse, State Department agreed to give me the contact info for US Embassies in these countries so we could go point to point. That was 18 hours ago, I’ve followed up multiple times, and they’ve provided nothing.”

Arthur Schwartz responded “I’m told that NSC was asked too & they punted to State Department. So WH is aware of this & also doing nothing.”