Court sides with pro-life activists after NY tries to block them from protesting at abortion clinic

A federal appeals court has sided with pro-life activists after NY attempted to stop them from protesting at a Queens abortion clinic.

Per The Blaze “whe three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan decided to reverse its own prior decision allowing New York authorities to keep protesters away from the Choices Women’s Medical Center in Jamaica.”

“On March 10, the panel had originally rejected the argument from the activists that blocking them from the abortion clinic was a violation of their First Amendment free speech rights,” the report adds.

At the time, NY AG, Letitia James, a Democrat praised the decision.

She said “every woman has the constitutional right to access an abortion and this order makes clear that everyone must be granted access to these facilities without obstruction and harassment.”

“The court has given us another opportunity to make our case and we will not waver in our fight to protect women’s reproductive freedoms,” she added.