Cotton introduces bill banning “critical race theory” books from the military

Senator Tom Cotton has introduced a bill banning far-left “critical race theory” books from the Military.

Cotton said while appearing on Fox News “critical race theory teaches that race is a person’s most important characteristic, and that America is an evil, oppressive place. That idea may be fashionable in left-wing circles and college classrooms, but it has no place in our military. Not only will such racist ideas undermine our troops’ faith in each other, they’ll also erode their trust in our country’s guiding principles. The United States military shouldn’t be promoting such divisive, un-American ideas.”’

Cotton’s bill faces a uphill battle in a Senate that is 50/50 split with Kamala Harris being a potential tiebreaker in a party-line vote.


Last week, Fox News host Pete Hegseth and veteran/former UFC star Tim Kennedy blasted the Biden Pentagon for including “woke” books on the reading list.

Included in the list is the far-left book “How to be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi.