Cori Bush says cop who shot Daunte Wright would’ve known the difference between a taser and a gun “if Daunte wasn’t a Black boy”

Tuesday, progressive “Squad” member Cori Bush tweeted “The 26-year-veteran cop, former president of the police union, doesn’t know the difference between a taser and a gun, and you say more training would’ve fixed this?”

“Nah. But I bet she would’ve known the difference if Daunte wasn’t a Black boy or if he was her loved one,” she added.

Tomi Lahren had a very different take.

“The fighting, fleeing, resisting arrest, or otherwise non-compliance, and the media and leftist glorification of all of those things, has to end,” she said. “If not for non-compliance, both suspect and officer would be able to safely return home to their families at the end of the day. And isn’t that what we should all aim and pray for?”

“Yes, police mistakes — intentional, unintentional and otherwise — need to be called out and loudly condemned even by law enforcement supporters such as myself,” she added. “But I also feel an obligation to point out no officer, nor no suspect, should have to lose their life due to suspect non-compliance or otherwise resisting arrest.”