Cori Bush mocked after she’s filmed crying during “shameless and embarrassing” protest “stunt”

Conservatives mocked progressive Democrat Rep. Cori Bush after she was filmed crying during her overnight protest of the eviction moratorium.


Matt Walsh wrote “One of the most shameless and embarrassing stunts we’ve ever seen from a politician, and that is saying something.”

Walsh also wrote “You don’t have the right to stay in someone else’s home if you aren’t compensating them. Cori Bush is crying tears for squatters. Cry for the property owners forced to subsidize these moochers.”

Lisa Booth tweeted “Congress is 95% theatre”

KT wrote “As a property manager of 13 properties in California I can tell you a few things about this: Tenants have CHOSEN not to pay their rent. They used stimulus monies to buy new TVs as our dumpsters were overflowing with new tv boxes. They received unemployment yet chose NOT to pay!”