Cori Bush defends spending nearly $70k on private security but calls for defunding the police

While defending spending nearly $70k on private security for herself, Rep. Cori Bush also stressed the need to defund the police.

Cori Bush told CBS Wednesday “I’m going to make sure I have security. Because I know I have had attempts on my life, and I have too much work to do. There are too many people that need help right now for me to allow that. So, if I end up spending 200,000, if I spend ten more dollars on it, you know what, I get to be here to do the work. So, suck it up. And defunding the police has to happen. We need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets. Because we’re trying to save lives.”

Rachel Bovard replied to Cori Bush “I mean. For the people who don’t have $70k a year to spend on private security, the police ARE their security. It’s not perfect, but it’s not feudalism, which is basically what’s being proposed here.”

Rep. Greene wrote:

[email protected] you are a hypocrite and an elitist.

You don’t care about the people, you only care about you.

You want to eradicate police from existence, take away guns to leave Americans defenseless, and create lawlessness all over our country.