Cori Bush calls knife wielding teen shot by police “a 16-year-old baby” pleads “Stop killing us and our babies. Stop”

In a new tweet, Rep. Cori Bush refers to Ma’Khia Bryant as a “16 year old baby.”

According to police, and what the video evidence appears to show is Bryant wielding a knife and about to stab another girl who is 20 years old.

Bush wrote:

Ma’Khia Bryant was a 16-year-old baby. She was shot and killed by police yesterday.
This is why no single verdict can deliver justice. Convictions don’t save lives. Convictions don’t end violent policing.
Stop killing us and our babies. Stop.
Liz Wheeler wrote “Ma’Khia Bryant was attacking another girl with a knife. The police officer saved the victim from being injured or stabbed to death.”
Rita Panahi wrote “This is footage of the shooting. Those calling this “racist” & “police brutality” need to explain what else could officer do other than watch a girl be stabbed.
(Warning: graphic)”