Cooper challenges Biden on fracking “it sounds like, to some, you are trying to have it both ways”

During one exchange during his CNN Town Hall Thursday evening, Biden was forced to defend himself from Anderson Cooper suggesting he’s “trying to have it both ways” on fracking.

“Fracking has to continue because we need a transition,” Biden replied to Cooper. “…there’s no rationale to eliminate right now.”


Last week, during Trump’s rally in Nevada, the President accused Joe Biden of not even knowing what fracking is.

The crowd burst into laughter as Trump accused Biden of changing his mind on fracking and said “he doesn’t even know what fracking is. I guarantee.”

Moments later the crowd erupted in boos after Trump mentioned Biden running mate Kamala Harris “He was told to say that by Bernie and the radical left and his Vice President, by the way, how bad is she?” Trump asked as the crowd booed, “She’s the worst,” he added.