Conservatives Respond to Disturbing Viral Video CNN Won’t Cover

Per the DailyCaller, CNN covered the January controversy surrounding Nick Sandmann and his fellow Covington Catholic School students 23 times, yet thus far hasn’t covered footage of children at a Philadelphia Islamic center reading poetry about chopping off heads.

Video from last month of kids at the Philadelphia Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic Center showed them reading about chopping off heads and subjecting the enemies of Allah to “eternal torture.”The irony was pointed out via Twitter by The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra.

A search of the words “Covington Catholic Students” returned exactly 23 results, while a search for “Muslim American Society Islamic Center Philadelphia” yielded none.


While details are unconfirmed, the children are reportedly from the Philadelphia area, with subtitles depicting a disturbing ceremony in which young boys promise to “chop off heads” and “crush the treacherous ones.”

Later, another group of boys is shown purportedly reading promises of “eternal torture” while commanding “the army of Allah.”

Upon seeing the video, social media commenters were alarmed, with many pointing out that, if the video is correctly translated, the children depicted are victims of child abuse.