Conservatives push Rittenhouse to SUE media outlets after not guilty verdict

Multiple conservatives are pushing Kyle Rittenhouse to sue media outlets after he was found not guilty on all counts against him.

Glenn Beck wrote “I will donate money to Kyle Rittenhouse so he can sue the CRAP out of corporate media.”


“Time for Kyle Rittenhouse to sue the hell out of every single member of the media who defamed him throughout this process!”

“Kyle Rittenhouse can and should sue the ACLU and Grosskreutz, who allegedly was an ACLU observer on the night of the attack, for the pain and suffering he had to endure as a result of Grosskreutz’s criminal conduct.”

“Rittenhouse should sue this contemptible liar. Disgusting.”

“He should sue the major media outlets (obviously)”

‘Covington kid’ Nick Sandmann thinks Kyle Rittenhouse should sue for defamation: ‘Hold the media accountable’

“Congratulations, Kyle Rittenhouse. Now, sue everybody.”