Conservatives react to Klobuchar’s emotional opening statement blasting Trump

Moments ago Amy Klobuchar delivered a emotional opening statement that spent a lot of time attacking President Trump.

Anti-Trump pundit Jennifer Rubin was a fan of Klobuchar’s performance and wrote “Amy Klobuchar is killing it. Just as I hoped, putting the Republicans on trial. Dispensing with the fantasy we do not know how she will vote. THIS is how to use the hearings.. as an ad vs. Trump and Republicans”

Here are some other comments:

Amy Klobuchar:

“He has called our military suckers and losers. He has refused to condemn white supremacists and he has the gal to hold up a bible as a prop in front of a church instead of heeding its words.”

I thought this was a Supreme Court nomination hearing?

“Sen. Klobuchar just referred to “these policies that the Court decides.” Despite the presentations on the ACA, justices are not supposed to decide policies, not rule on the legality or constitutionality of laws.”

“What’s with Klobuchar’s quavering voice?”

“Amy Klobuchar is UNHINGED.”

“Not to brag or anything, buuut…. I’m from one of the two Minnesota counties that has never voted for Amy Klobuchar and never will”

“So let me get this straight… Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar is attacking President Trump for not wearing a mask… while she herself is not wearing a mask…”

“Amy Klobuchar is having a melt down live on TV.”

“Is Amy Klobuchar about to cry?”

Yawn. @amyklobuchar claims Trump “refused to condemn white supremacists.” It’s a lie. A really bad one. I won’t bother with tweeting a fact check (yet) because anyone who saw the #VPDebate knows the truth.”

“LMAO. Amy Klobuchar is freaking out because President Trump TOOK OFF HIS MASK!!! (on his balcony).”