“Barrett is absolutely wrecking Durbin” Conservatives React to ACB/Durbin Clash

Conservatives are giving rave reviews to Judge Amy Coney Barrett for her handling of questions from Democrat Senator Dick Durbin.


John McCormarck wrote “Is Durbin mansplaining the 15th amendment to Barrett right now?”

“Durbin asks Barrett about denying right to vote based no race. Barrett cites 14th and 15th amendments. Durbin reads text of 15th amendment back to Barrett.”

Joel Pollak writes “Barrett is standing up to @DickDurbin, pointing out she’s already answered his questions, and that she can’t violate the judicial canon. He is reaching for some way to respond, removing his glasses from his face dramatically etc. Durbin can’t handle a powerful woman fighting back”

Alexandra DeSanctis wrote “Barrett is absolutely wrecking Durbin so pointedly right now that it seems like he can’t even tell it’s happening”

Matt Whitlock wrote “Judge Barrett taking Dick Durbin to task for egregiously misrepresenting her words. These guys can’t lay a glove on her without lying about what she’s said and written.”

Earlier,  Durbin said the ongoing election creates an “orange cloud” over Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination.

“There is a political agenda here,” Durbin argued “It has to do with the affordable care act.”

One Twitter user wrote “The “orange cloud” comment from Senator Durbin is ridiculous. Judge Barrett has been lawfully nominated to the court and is not the president. She is her own person, clearly capable of the job for which she’s been selected.”