Conservatives React After Biden Claims the Obama-Era Was “Scandal-Free”

Speaking with ABC’s “The View,” recently-announced 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden gushed over his time as Vice President under former President Barack Obama, boasting that their administration had “not one single whisper of scandal.”

Although Democrats and the media have frequently parroted this falsehood in their efforts to virtually canonize Obama, his administration was not without scandal – something conservatives quickly pointed out, following Biden’s comment.

Quickly, conservatives flocked to social media to refute Biden’s claims of a scandal-free administration, pointing to incidents such as Benghazi, the disastrous Iranian Nuclear Deal, Operation Fast and Furious, and the spying on then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign.

For Biden, who has attempted to woo liberal voters by harkening back to the “glory days” of he and his boss, Barack Obama, his memory of an administration without scandal appears to have grown foggy with age.