Conservatives Mock CNN Following Mueller Report’s Vindication of Trump

On Thursday, US Attorney General William Barr and the DOJ released the recently-submitted Mueller report to the public, prompting outrage and dismay from critics of President Trump, following the report ultimately clearing him of wrongdoing.

For many mainstream media pundits, specifically at CNN, the news came as a heavy blow, given the network’s devoted coverage of the allegations against the president.

Conservatives quickly took note of the somber tone at CNN, and flocked to social media to comment, with many pointing out that the network’s pundits were left reeling over not only the vindication of Trump, but the damage to their own reputations, as well.

For many at CNN, whose careers seemed to revolve around the “Russian collusion” narrative for nearly three years, the revelation that President Trump didn’t collude with Russia or obstruct justice in the ensuing investigation is proving a bitter pill to swallow.