Conservatives fight back cancel culture, aggressively push “Buy Goya” message

With Democrats boycotting Goya Foods after their CEO praised President Trump, Conservatives are now fighting back by pushing “Buy Goya” on social media.

This video is a good summary of what got us to this point.

Here is some of the push back from Conservatives.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for a boycott of a Hispanic owned company that just donated food for families in her district.

What kind of representative is that? She doesn’t care who she hurts in her quest to suppress free speech and implement socialism. #BuyGoya

Went to store today to buy some @Goya products. (I buy their beans anyway) They were pretty much sold out of all but a few cans of chickpeas. I smiled.

Go out today and buy your Goya foods

Most of these people fronting about a #GOYABOYCOTT either don’t use @GoyaFoods anyways
And most of the ones who do will cave by #NocheBuena

I LOVE #GOYA now more than ever!!!! @DineshDSouza honey, I’m gonna cook you some beans!