Conservatives are blasting debate moderator Susan Page, accusing her of bias

As the Vice Presidential debate is underway, Conservatives are taking to Twitter to blast moderator Susan Page, accusing her of bias.

Ben Shapiro tweeted “How exactly did Susan Page just ask about the horrid state of the economy without mentioning that the economy was historically booming before covid?”

Jason Rants tweeted “Susan Page claims our economic recovery isn’t happening quicker than expected? So she’s not… paying attention at all? Seriously? The subtle bias is remarkable.”

Michelle Malkin tweeted “Everyone saw it: Susan Page cutting off @vp after giving Smirkala Harris an eternity to bloviate.”

Ryan Saavedera tweeted “Moderator Susan Page showing pro-Democrat bias”

Robby Starbuck tweeted “Moderator Susan Page is letting Kamala escape answering questions with zero pushback. #VPDebate”

“What a hack”