Conservative Squad Leader Says AOC’s Squad is “Brainwashing the Younger Generations of This Country”

Appearing on Varney and Co. the newly formed “Conservative Squad” explained why they formed and how they want to fight AOC’s squad and their brand of socialism.

Jessica Taylor:

We did this because we need a new generation of conservatives that can go toe to toe with AOC and her squad, they’re absolutely brainwashing the younger generations of this country. Socialists believe in free stuff. Conservatives believe in freedom. 


Ilhan Omar responded to the new “Conservative Squad” and wrote “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”


Justice Democrats, the group who backed AOC’s run had been less vague and wrote “This is embarrassing. Please get help.”

Other liberals fired similar snark at the conservative ladies and attacked them for being white. Adam Best wrote:

Glad to see that the Conservative Squad has a brunette member instead of being four blondes. Diversity!

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