Conservative Squad Leader Fires Back at Ilhan Omar “Trust Me I’m Not Flattering You.”

Thursday, Ilhan Omar has responded to the new “Conservative Squad” of four Republican women running for Congress and vowing to combat socialism.

Omar quoted a tweet from Justice Democrats, the group behind her fellow squad member AOC and wrote “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

Justice Democrats, the group who backed AOC’s run had been less vague and wrote “This is embarrassing. Please get help.”

Now, Jessica Taylor the leader of the Conservative Squad has fired back at Ilhan Omar, tweeting:

.@IlhanMN trust me I’m not flattering you. I stand with 🇮🇱, I’m against socialism, and I’m for a strong defense. Conservatism leads to freedom, your policies will lead to this great country’s ruin.

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