Conservative Journalist Details Chaos During Portland Antifa Clash

On Saturday, the city of Portland, Oregon, once again became the scene of violent clashes between left and right-wing demonstrators, including the infamous far-left group known as Antifa.

Portland, which has continued to draw media attention for the chaotic protests, scrambled nearly 1,000 police officers in an effort to instill order as the fringe groups squared off for yet another brutal confrontation.

As tensions flared, police seized dozens of weapons, including chemical spray and metal poles, while cordoning off streets and closing bridges and roads.

Saturday’s demonstrations were initiated by various right-wing groups, and attracted growing media coverage, as well as the attention of Portland’s notorious “anti-fascist” activists, who have become known for employing violent tactics during protests.

Several hundred left and right-leaning demonstrators converged on Portland as the politically-charged atmosphere increased in volatility, while journalists and police buzzed nearby.

As both sides hyped themselves up, it quickly became apparent that clashes would be inevitable, further intensifying the already-heated situation.

The demonstrations captured the attention of the press, pundits, and President Trump, himself, who took to Twitter to condemn the far-left protest group Antifa, while suggesting the group could be deemed a domestic terror organization.

“Portland is being watched very closely,” explained Trump, who directly called out Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler, who has faced scathing criticism for his handling of the multiple violent clashes in the city.

Mayor Wheeler, whose seemingly “hands off” approach to handling Antifa’s growing presence in his city, replied by declaring Trump’s remarks to be “not helpful.”

“If you engage in violence in this city, you will be held accountable,” Wheeler said ahead of the demonstration, and vowed to use “whatever means necessary” to prevent the escalation of conflict between the groups.

Wheeler’s remarks came on the heels of continued scrutiny over his handling of Antifa, as the Portland division of the group has drawn national attention for its aggressive behavior during protests.

Portland’s police department has faced similar condemnation for failing to quell previous violent demonstrations, and officers made their presence clear during the Saturday event.

While hundreds of demonstrators, activists, and protesters prepared to face off against each other, Antifa members quickly began to escalate force, making it clear their intention was battle, rather than discourse.

As small clashes erupted across the city, police moved quickly to intervene in hopes of avoiding widespread rioting.

Law enforcement confirmed multiple arrests, including some which were captured on film by those in attendance.

Antifa operatives, many of who have openly voiced their disdain for journalists such as Andy Ngo, again threatened and attacked reporters on the scene.

Julio Rosas, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, documented the chaos first-hand, and was repeatedly threatened by Antifa activists, and claimed Portland police blamed him for “provoking” them with his presence.

Though Portland police seemingly tried harder to control the scene during Saturday’s rally, it appeared they were unable to successfully protect several journalists and attendees.

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who himself has been the direct victim of Antifa’s wrath while attempting to cover the group, began to document various reports of further Antifa violence against the press.

Several citizen-journalists and others who attempted to film or photograph the clashes alleged to have been attacked and threatened by Antifa members.

Ngo also shared several examples of Antifa’s violence towards conservatives as the Portland police appeared to lose control of the demonstration.

While Portland police held back, conservatives in attendance were repeatedly attacked by Antifa members, leading to several assaults.

Some left-wing activists attacked opponents who had tried to board a bus, allegedly wielding hammers, while others pelted right-wing demonstrators with unidentified substances.

Despite Portland Antifa’s claims of defending minorities while crusading against so-called “white supremacy,” their vicious beating of Andy Ngo in late June clearly demonstrated that their code of conduct does not apply to conservatives.

Ngo, who is a first-generation son of Vietnamese immigrants, and also an outspoken LGBTQ conservative activist, was brutally beaten by a mob of Antifa members while attempting to cover a similar event earlier in the summer.

The group-beating left Ngo hospitalized with severe injuries, including fractures and bruising, as well as reported damage to his brain, and prompted the journalist to vocally condemn Antifa and Portland’s police for their failure to control the situation.

In an interview ahead of Saturday’s rally, Ngo voiced his concern for the growing violence coming from both left and right-wing groups, as well as his distrust for the city’s police force, which he said appeared unwilling or unable to reign in Antifa.

“Antifa and other far-left militants can take over the streets of downtown with impunity,” said Ngo, noting that Portland police have yet to make an arrest relating to his attack, which was captured on video.

While Portland, Oregon continues to remain a destination for protests, local citizens and officials have increasingly voiced their frustration as their city continues to be the battleground for fringe groups intent on violent clashes.

Now, in the wake of Saturday’s chaotic demonstration, Antifa’s violent brand of activism is sure to draw further attention from the press, which will almost certainly increase as the 2020 election draws closer.