Conrad Black “The steady erosion of Trump-hate is a growing problem for Team Biden”

In a new Op-Ed for The Hill, Conrad Black, essayist and author of 10 books, argues “The steady erosion of Trump-hate is a growing problem for Team Biden.”

Black writes “Infinitely slowly, some of the most vocal Donald Trump-haters are tentatively dropping out of lockstep with the Biden administration and the serried ranks of its docile, fervent political propaganda apparatus. Group mind-reading, especially when directed toward such a disparate section of the political media, is hazardous. But in this case, the slowly rising courage of a few members of the almost totalitarian solidarity of the anti-Trump hallelujah chorus in the national political media appears to be moving in parallel with their misplaced hope that the Trump phenomenon may be fading.”

“It was widely recognized, even on the left, that comedian Jon Stewart demonstrated independence of mind in pointing out to his ungrateful protégé, Stephen Colbert, that it was likely that the coronavirus did escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology after all, and that this was not a paranoid aberration in Trump’s mind. It appears to most detached observers to be a logical probability, but for so eminent a Trump-hater as Stewart to enunciate it cracks the mirror irreparably,” Black continues.

Black later concludes “Trump has retained the support of more than 40 percent of Americans, and larger percentages of Republicans, in polling since leaving office. His enemies can’t kill him politically, it seems — and if they can’t devise some aptitude to govern, soon, they will be weighed in the balance, and they will be found wanting. “