Confidante tells Politico, Kamala Harris “f-cked” if not able to “select her own people” amid turnover

Amid mass turnover in her office, a VP Harris confidenat told Politico “If she’s not allowed to select her own people or have a lot of say in picking her own people, she’s fucked.”

Per Breitbart:

Vice President Kamala Harris has begun a frenzied office staff shakeup after months of backstabbing leaks from angry staffers.

In less than one month, four top staffers will reportedly leave or will have left the side of Harris for brighter carrier opportunities over fears they would be stamped with the stigma of a “Harris Person” label.

The desertion follows leaks from White House staff that have indicated Harris’s workplace environment is abusive. Other have complained Harris has been the victim of administrative sabotage in her effort to succeed President Joe Biden in 2024, resulting in staffers lashing out at Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg as a favored “white man.”

But now that staff members have left the vice president’s office, Harris must find aides to work alongside the remaining staffers who may be tainted with internal treachery.

Four senior staffers have now abandoned embattled VP Kamala Harris in less than a month.

Symone Sanders announced she’ll be resining this week, the second top Harris aide to resign in 2 weeks.

Former Harris Communications Director Ashley Etienne has also resigned amid Harris’ horrific approval ratings, which recently hit 28% in one mainstream poll.