Comey blasted by angry Democrats after showing off his “Elect More Women” T-Shirt

Former FBI Director James Comey took heat from the very Democrats he now supports against Trump after showing off a photo of himself wearing sunglasses and a T-shirt that says “ELECT MORE WOMEN.”

Comey shared the photo and wrote “#19thAmendment is an important anniversary but the vote is not enough.”

He added “We need more women in office. VP and Virginia governor are good next steps.”

Comey’s sudden attempt at feminism did not go well on Twitter with Democrats who saw his messaging as hypocritical and blame him for costing Hillary Clinton the 2016 election.

Here are just some of the many replies Comey received.

There are a LOT and they are nearly all negative.

“What a shame that you are wearing this, you should of thought about that 4 years ago…Instead look at what happened to you with the CROOK that sneaked into the WH and we are all suffering because of your actions that turned out to be the lesser of the two EVILS…”

“This is pretty galling considering the way you torpedoed Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign and in doing so put that disaster of a man in the Oval Office”

“I’ll never forgive you for what you did to Hillary right before the election! You helped give us Trump.”

“We coulda elected one to the highest office in the land about 4 yrs ago, but then this guy at the FBI gave a statement about her right before the election and well… you know how it went after that.”

“We tried Jim, but you opened a last minute investigation into her EMAILS remember? TAKE THE BENCH COMEY”

“If you hadn’t violated DOJ protocol there’d be one more woman in office right now.”

“Please delete this tweet and your account.”

“We tried. You f*cked that up.”

“The f*cking nerve of you.”

“That’s really rich coming from you!”