Comey bashes Trump and Barr, argues “we need to elect Joe Biden” in new Op-Ed

In a new Op-Ed published by the Washington Post Tuesday, former FBI Director James Comey argued “we need to elect Joe Biden.”

Comey accuses the Trump presidency of a “frontal assault on the truth.”

He then writes “We need a president who will reflect the core values of honesty and decency that are the lifeblood of our nation and its institutions.”

Comey continues “We need a president who will appoint an attorney general not because he needs a personal defense lawyer but because American justice needs a guardian. We need a president who has devoted his life to serving others through the rule of law. We need to elect Joe Biden.”

Comey also attacks Attorney General William Barr in the piece, accusing of him, along with Trump of “leaving a legacy of damage.”

Comey writes “If we are to be a healthy nation, the damage must be repaired. America has always depended on the truth.”

“The justice system in the United States is built upon the idea that the truth is a real thing and it must be spoken, by everybody. And that we all play by the same rules. It matters that judges and prosecutors don’t treat you differently because of who you are, what you look like, or who you know. Lady Justice wears a blindfold so all Americans get fair treatment” the former FBI Director adds.