Collins proposes constitutional amendment to block attempts to pack the SCOTUS

Rep. Doug Collins is proposing a constitutional amendment that would prevent a change in the size of the Supreme Court until 10 years after any legislation that were to change the number of seats.

The move comes after several Democrats have threatened to pack the Supreme Court with new justices if Trump fills the vacancy left by Justice Ginsburg this year.

Top Democrats including Rep. Nadler, Senator Ed Markey and Joe Kennedy have all floated the idea of packing the SCOTUS. Kennedy was the most overt, tweeting “If he holds a vote in 2020, we pack the court in 2021. It’s that simple.”

Even Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer has said “Nothing is off the table next year.”

Collins said “The proposed amendment—really, it should be a bipartisan issue. We should not have decisions like packing the court to be based on emotional or political decisions.”

“The reason we did it is because it seems like the Democrats, every time they don’t get what they want, they want to change the rules,” he added.