Collins Becomes First Republican to Vote With Dems, Schumer Amendment Still Fails

Senator Susan Collins became the first Republican to vote against party lines on the 10th amendment proposed by Chuck Schumer.

The first 9 amendments proposed by Schumer all failed by a party line 53-47 vote.

Despite garnering Schumer’s vote, the 10th amendment still failed 52-48.

A later 11th amendment also failed, 53-47 by a strict part line vote.

Steven Dennis explained “Just so you are all awake, Susan Collins voted for a Democratic amendment but it didn’t matter. Other Republicans voted down Schumer effort to give impeachment managers a day to respond to WH pretrial motions instead of 2 hours.

Jamie Dupree wrote “The last vote was 52-48. Sen Susan Collins R-ME was the first vote switch today.”

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