Cohen accuses Trump of exhibiting “contempt” for woman in Town Hall because she’s black

Appearing on MSNBC with Joy Reid, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen accused Trump of exhibiting “contempt” and having a “lack of empathy” for a woman who asked the President a question at the ABC Town Hall event Tuesday evening.

This is the exchange Cohen refers to in his critique. At one point, the woman, Professor Blaque, sounds irritated as she asks Trump to not interrupt her when he’s trying to answer her question, not realizing she hasn’t finished asking it yet.

Cohen’s says “Look at what he did last night to Professor Blaque. If that just isn’t a demonstration of his lack of empathy, you know, then there are really aspects to understanding President Trump’s mentality and his mindset when you are talking about empathy, which they desperately told him he has to start showing because it’s really making his numbers in the polls go down a lot. First of all, it’s not news that President Trump lacks empathy in general, and that’s for anyone, myself included, right? And the second, it’s also not news that President Trump demeans people of color on a routine basis.”

He continues “However, the third part, and this is the most interesting, last night, what President Trump exhibited with Professor Blaque is more than just a lack of empathy.”

Cohen then claims “He exhibited contempt for her because she’s a woman of color and he does this often, as well. So if you look at his body language, he appeared annoyed that here there is this Black woman, who is complaining about all sorts of preexisting conditions, asking him about health care, and in the back of his mind he knows that there is a zero chance that she’s a supporter and is going to be voting for him and so this is the response that you got. Exactly the way that it looked on television, this is exactly what’s going on in his mind ….sad.”