Coca-Cola faces backlash after CEO gets political, comes out against Georgia voting law

Coca-Cola is facing backlash from conservatives after CEO James Quincey got political while appearing on CNBC and came out against Georgia voting law.

Quincey called the voting law “unacceptable” and “a step backward.”

Quincey also says “this legislation is wrong, and needs to be remedied, and we will continue to advocate for it both in private and in now even more clearly in public”

Here is some of the backlash.

“How could Delta & Coca Cola have hired such weak-kneed CEO’s who caved so quickly to the Fascist “woke” Left? Delta should be apologizing for asking for photo ID when you board their planes. Coca Cola should be apologizing for spreading diabetes.”

“The guy who peddles sugar water that makes you obese wants to control the way you think. @CocaCola”

“Every Red State needs to tax the hell out of Every WOKE corporation going after Georgia
Start with a $100 tax on every Delta Airline ticket and $5 a can on Coca-Cola
We need to fight back”

“wait till you see @robsmithonline lace into virtue-signaling Big Business CEOs @CocaCola @Delta etc pushing woke misinformation on Georgia election law”

“NEW: Coca-Cola CEO says the “racist” Georgia voter ID law is “a step backward” and “unacceptable”

He requires a photo ID to be shown in order to gain admission to Coca-Cola’s annual shareholder meeting”

“So while Coca-Cola savages Georgia for lawfully enacting legislation to improve election integrity, they celebrate an unconstitutional executive decree legalizing an illegal workforce. Wouldn’t it be nice if major corporations were loyal to the American People?”