CO State University gives $1,500 pandemic aid checks to over 200 undocumented students

The Denver Post reports Colorado State University has handed out $1,500 grants to 400 students not included in the federal CARES Act, including 218 undocumented individuals, Mike Hooker, a CSU spokesman, said via email.

According to the College Fix, Undocumented students are not eligible for COVID-19 federal aid through the CARES Act, so the public university used state funding and other sources to help its illegal immigrant students.

“Colorado State University is committed to supporting all of our students during this very challenging time,” spokesman Mike Hooker said via email.

Hooker said that since some students did not qualify for CARES Act aid, CSU is using a mix of “state, institutional, and private funding sources” to help them.

Meanwhile, other Colorado universities, including the University of Colorado, are working to use philanthropic and other means to give their undocumented students cash support.

As for Colorado State, Hooker said its cash distribution aimed to fill the gap for students left out of the federal aid package, including international students.

“These populations include our international and undocumented students, as well as students who, for a variety of reasons, no longer qualify for federal student aid,” Hooker said. “As part of that overall support, the university has provided varying levels of aid outside of CARES funds to about 400 such students, including 218 undocumented Coloradans who qualify for in-state tuition via the ASSET bill who each received $1,500. The university awarded those grants in the same manner that we awarded CARES Act funding, based on an assessment of student need.”

Colorado’s ASSET bill “allows undocumented students who meet all eligibility requirements to qualify for in-state tuition at Colorado State University,” the university’s website states.

Doing the math, that would be roughly $327,000 given to undocumented students. Hooker did not state in his email what percentage of the funding was state and institutional versus private dollars.

The cash distribution first came to light after a student tweeted out: “My school just deposited 1500$ into every undocumented students bank accounts bc we can’t get the stimulus check nor other financial assistance through the university …” When asked what school, she replied Colorado State University.

Colorado State University is not the only institution in the Centennial State giving out money to their illegal immigrant students.

The Denver Post reports that “Metropolitan State University of Denver — which enrolls the most undocumented students in Colorado — is raising $300,000 specifically targeted toward its ‘Dreamer’ population.”